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Our Current Campaigns

Holidays are such a cheerful time of the year and Spread The Cheer USA wants to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience that!  If you or someone you know could use a little extra cheer during the holidays, please consider submitting a nomination for one of our current campaigns below. We help families just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays.  We also run campaigns to support the homeless throughout the year through "Spread the Meals". Please see below for our current campaigns.  

Spread The Meals

Spread The Cheer USA has made tremendous impact thanks to the help of our dedicated volunteers across the United States. The core of our work lies in the continuous passion and dedication we bring to the range of projects we take part in. Please consider joining us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others within the displaced community for our Spread The Meals campaign.

Poor Kids Laughing

Thanksgiving with Minnie's Food Pantry

We at Spread The Cheer USA are preparing for a successful Thanksgiving campaign by partnering for 2023 with Minnie's Food Pantry.  More information coming soon!

Spread The Smiles

Modern dental care can be very expensive and prohibitive for so many people. For this reason, we are proud to announce our "Spread the Smiles" campaign. Spread The Cheer USA is thrilled to be partnering with Dr. Grace Lee of Lakeview Smiles in Chicago, Illinois to provide NEW SMILE makeovers to those in need! Follow the link below to find out how we can help bring back your self-confidence or someone you know. This is a limited campaign with limited spots so please act now. 

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