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How You Can Help

At Spread the Cheer USA, we seek to personally help families in need for the holidays. Without the help and generosity of our supporters none of this would be possible. Please see below for all the ways that you can help us bring some much needed joy and happiness to those in need. 



Help become an official sponsor for Spread The Cheer USA. We offer multiple levels of support, or you can reach out and let us help find a custom level of support that works best for you and your organization.



"It Takes a Village" These words could not ring truer. Find out how you can help us reach those in need in your area or how you can help at one of our many events. We are always looking for those with special skill sets and a willingness to help.



Through the generosity of others, we are able to help bring some much-needed relief to those less fortunate. We accept all types of donations. From monetary support to helping us acquire things in need. See how you can help. 

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